Friday, September 5, 2014

Starcraft Cake Trio - Easy

Youngest son wanted Starcraft emblem cakes for his birthday.  These cakes were pretty easy - each cake was made in a shaped cake pan using 1 box cake mix.  The Protoss cake was made using the Wilton reindeer pan, the Zerg cake was made using a standard 12" round pan, and the Terran cake was made in the Wilton Darth Vader pan.   Each cake was frosted with tinted buttercream icing.

To make the emblems, I found the images online and printed them out.  I cut the emblems out and laid them on tinted thinly rolled fondant sheets, then cut the fondant using a sharp knife and fondant wheel (like a tiny pizza cutter for fondant - comes in the Wilton fondant toolset).  Once cut, I airbrushed the Zerg and Terran emblems to match the online images.

I finished by adding the blue and purple icing flourishes.  I mixed a bit of powered sugar with just a tiny drop of water and paste food coloring to get purple and blue slurry, which I added to the cakes using a skewer as shown.

Not Star Wars, and not very exciting to make, but the boys loved them.  

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