Sunday, August 21, 2011

Honey Bee Hive Cake - Medium

I saw a very cute bee hive cake pan, but didn't buy it - decided I could improvise!  You can too!  This cake is pretty easy.   I made it for a class party celebrating all the kids with summer birthdays.  Each child had his/her own bee.

In advance, make the bees using fondant.  Make the bodies and wings separately, when they are set, glue the wings to the bodies using black icing from a tube.  My bees were quite big, so they took several days to dry. 

1  Bake 4 layers - 1 each in a 10", 8", and 6" round pan.  Back a tiny layer in a 4" pan if you have one or else in a small Pyrex bowl, ramekin or cupcake pan (in a pinch).  These will be stacked as shown, to make the hive.

2.  When cool, level the bottom 3 layers, and stack, with yellow-tinted buttercream icing between the layers.  Add the top layer.  Cover the entire cake with open stars, using a Wilton  No. 16 or 18 tip.  If you have a larger tip, use that - I believe I used a Wilton 32.)  Note - put several layers of stars at the "steps" so it looks smooth, not stair-like.)

3.  Tint fondant yellow and roll several long snakes.  Wrap these around the cake layers as shown above, to emphasize the hive shape.   Add a small black fondant door.

4.  To finish cake, position bees using clear skewers.  (See note in the Death Star post about clear skewers.)  I also drizzled some gold piping gel around the top, as it looked just like honey.

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