Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cornucopia - Easy

My niece's birthday was on Thanksgiving last year, so I made a special dessert for her.  Very easy.

Bake a cake using the paisley pan.  (1 or 2 layers, depending on how much cake you want.)  Frost with light brown or tan buttercream.  Tint good fondant brown, roll thin and cut into even strips.  Weave these into a mat (using a standard basketweave pattern).  Lay over the cake, trimming the edges and across the front (so that you have cake "sticking" out to hold the bounty from the cornucopia).  Twist 2 fondant ropes to make the nice edge. 

Add whatever you like to the top of the cake - maripan fruits, fondant fruits, real fruits, candy... This is a mix of wrapped Rocher chocolates with sparkly plastic fruits that I had on hand.  Impromptu!  I decorated the base with buttercream stars and candy corn.

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