Monday, October 29, 2012

Wombat Cake (Easy)

October 22 is Wombat Day.
So, of course, we celebrated with cake!

I made the wombats, Matilda and Norman, in advance out of fondant.  To texture the fur, I pulled a fork across the fondant while it was still soft. (Note - the wombats were dark grey, but they look darker in the pics than they were.  Wombats can be grey, black, brown or tawny.) 

This is a large 11x15 sheet cake (made with 2 box mixes), frosted with buttercream icing tinted green.  I topped the sheet cake with an 8" round cake (make with 1/2 a box mix - use the other half for cupcakes) and frosted the top and sides.  I trimmed an 8" cake round to be about 7", then placed this on top of the round cake, with 3 wooden dowels for support.  (Matilda was pretty heavy!)

I covered the round with a bit of green icing, then placed the wombats on top.  To finish, I added "grass" to the top using the Wilton 233 tip and stars on the base using the Wilton 16 tip.  The text was written using a Wilton 3 round tip.

Happy Wombat Day, Y'all!   

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