Sunday, August 21, 2011

Giant Squid Cake - Easy

1. Bake a box cake mix in a 9x13 or other sheet cake pan. 

2. Frost the cake with blue-tinted Buttercream icing. I swirled some extra blue in after it was done to get a variegated color, and use big stokes to make the cake look wavy. 

3. Tint fondant a very light pink or light gray.  Use gray and rose colors to tint fondant so that it's streaky with color, mixing lightly to get the variegated effect.  (See picture.)

4. Roll a piece of fondant very thin, and large enough to cover a “sugar” ice cream cone.  Fondant should be longer than the cone, so you can make a triangle at the top.  Trim excess fondant from the bottom at the back of the squid or tuck it inside the cone.  In the front, trim the excess fondant into a triangle, for the base of the body, as pictured.  Position it on the cake, nestling it into the blue icing waves.  Note - rub the fondant on the cone to pick up the texture.  It looks very good.

5. Add fondant eyes, covering with a band of the colored fondant as shown. 

6. Roll fondant “snakes” for the tentacles, flattening the ends as shown.   

7. Position the tentacles as you like around the squid. 

See post on Working with Fondant if you have any questions.

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