Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rebel Alliance Rice Crispy Treat

Spray round cookie pan with non-stick spray.  (I use a round 9x13 Wilton cookie pan.)  Prepare batch of Rice Crispy Treats as directed on cereal box and allow to cool in the cookie pan to set. When firm, unmold onto tray or serving platter. 

Copy and enlarge the logo below so that it fits your cookie pan.   Print.  

Cut strips of strawberry Froot by the Foot (or similar product) and overlay them on the logo.  Trim so that only the logo is covered.  (Tip: trim with a  sharp paring knife or a pizza cutter.)   

Using a small roller or a glass, gently roll the Froot strips so that the edges stick together.  They will not adhere perfectly, but they will stick - if you have trouble rub the edge with a damp finger.)   Move the paper with the logo to your treat, and gently slide the Froot logo off onto the treat.  Smooth the logo onto the treat.

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