Sunday, August 21, 2011

Holidays On Hoth - Difficult

I made this cake for a Life Day party.  I'm not sure I can provide good instructions, as there were lots of details, but you can look at the pictures for ideas.  Overall it's not really a difficult cake if you have mastered fondant figures.  It did take a fair bit of time! 

1.  In advance, make fondant figures:  wampas and taun tauns, as needed for the scenes on your cake.  I also made the packages snowman and other decorations (candy cane, red part of the Santa hat, ice cave roof) - everything except the Christmas tree.  See my page on Working with Fondant.  You have to made the ice cave roof in advance, so it dries very hard - otherwise it would sag in the middle.  To make the wampas furry, I scored the fondant with fork.

2.  I made the base cake in the Wilton large paisley pan.   I also made 2 cakes using the small paisley pan.  I made one other cake, using a cathedral-style Bundt pan.

3.  I stacked the 2 small paisley cakes on the large cake, then added a section of the cathedral cake.  I frosted everything with Buttercream, using open stars to create texture on the cathedral section.

4.  I covered the open space between the top of the cathedral section and the paisley top with a thin peice rolled white fondant that I had rolled in advance for the ice cave roof..   I used buttercream open stars to attach this to the cake.  This created the ice cave.  I dusted the top with a bit of powered sugar to make it look snowy.

5. Once the icing holding the ice cave roof was set, I very carefully affixed a Lego mini-figure Luke to the roof with buttercream icing.   I positioned Luke's Lego light saber on the floor of the cave.  (Be sure to snag the Legos before you eat the cake, esp the light saber!)   I also added some iciles to the front of the roof, using a  Wilton No. 2 tip.

6.  I covered a green sugar-style ice cream cone with open stars (using a No. 16 Wilton tip).  I used a tube of kelly green icing.  Pull the stars a bit before you stop squeezing the tube to make "branches" on the tree.  I decorated the tree with a fondant star (cut using a little star cookie cutter) and with candy beads.  Apply the beads with tweezers.   

7.  Once the icing on the tree was set, I carefully positioned it on the very top of the cake, and positioned the taun tauns around it.  I added some small open stars with gray icing to make the taun taun fur. The lights were a decoration off a Christmas card and are not edible - you can find similar lights for crafts in your local craft store at the holidays.

8.  I positioned the wampas in the front, so they looked like they were awaiting the arrival of a friend.  I attached the Santa hat using white icing and a very small open start tip. (Wilton No. 13 or 14)  The arriving wampa's gift is also from the craft store.

9.  I positioned the remaining 2 taun tauns on the back, with the snowman and some little white fondant snowballs.  I piped the menorah on the back using tube icing and a Wilton No. 2 tip.  I used a No. 1 tip to make the candle flames.

10.  I finished the cake with a row of open stars along the base. 

 Wampa arriving for the gift exchange. Gift is not edible - from craft store.

  Taun tauns decorating a Christmas tree.  And having a snowball fight below.

You can see Luke in the ice cave.

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