Sunday, August 21, 2011

Star Wars Cookies

 We have the Star Wars Cookie Cutters from Williams Sonoma. 

The stormtroopers are my favorite (of course)!   Using a tube of Wilton Black icing and a No 1 or No. 2 tip, outline the black parts of the cookie.  Fill in with a bigger tip (No. 2 or 3), then press smooth with a dry finger.  I used white cookie icing for the white parts.  For best results, outline with a tube of white icing, the fill with the cookie icing.

For the other cookies, again - the secret is to do a thin outline of the area using a No 1 or 2 tip, then fill in the space.  When the icing is set, add details, such as the details on Fett's helmet, Yoda's eyes and ear hair, etc.  Darth is the hardest - black on black just doesn't show up that well.  I ended up just icing the cookies black and piping details with a No. 2 tip. 

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